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Want to save a lot money?

Combine services with Complete Weddings and Events and save $100s! Compete is a partner of Austin Area Weddings and offer photography, videography, lighting, DJs and Photo booths! The more services you select with them the more you save.

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Looking for vendors? check out some suggestions below

1) Choose your venue.  There are literally 100s of venues in and around Central Texas!  They range in price from free to upwards of $20,000.  We are the preferred vendor for several Central Texas venues.  We also have inexpensive options for couples looking for great value.

2) Select your wedding coordinator.  Hopefully that’s us!  There are many vendors to coordinate, who will make sure they are all there on your special day (on time and ready to go)?  Who will line you and your wedding party up for your grand entrance?  This is one of the most important choices you can make.  Let us take the stress out of your special day!  With over 400 weddings completed we would LOVE to take care of you!! 

3) Select your wedding officiant.  Did you realize other than the bride and groom the wedding officiant is the only other person that absolutely has to be there?  Your wedding officiant is the “director” of your entire ceremony and can make or break your special day.  We have experienced qualified officiants to assist you.

4) Select your wedding photographer/videographer.  We have several we work with often and many contacts all around Central Texas we can refer you to. 

5) Choose whether you want a DJ, band or live music for your event.  Would you like a harpist to play at your ceremony? We can do that!  Would you like a guitarist?  How about a string quartet? Yes!  We can assist you with finding these.

7) Choose your caterer.  What will you eat at your reception? BBQ?  Surf and Turf? Mexican?  The list seems endless. Catering can be pricey but there are good deals to be had!  Let us help you stay within your budget!

8) Choose your bartender/cocktail hour provider.  Are they licensed?  Do they have liability insurance?

9) Choose your wedding cake provider.  Get ready for cake tasting!  Yum!!   : )

10) Choose flowers/decorations etc.

11) Choose your hair and make up stylist/artist.  We can help!

12)  Get your marriage license.  There are 240 counties in the state of Texas.  You can acquire your license in any county and get married in any other.  You can get your license up to 90 days prior to your ceremony but MUST have 72 hours prior to your start time.  Exception:  If the bride and/or groom are active duty military there is no waiting period.

13) Get married!

Preferred Vendors